Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Victoria & Albert's Chef's Table: Course Ten

We made it. The last course. Before taking a look at the final dessert, here's that video of the coffee contraption:

Now the final dessert. We were both very full by this point so we weren't going to have much of this. I think it's a technique of fine dining to bring out the richest chocolate thing they can whip up to leave you with the impression of really being full.
Mocha Scented Tanzanie Chocolate Mousse Timbale
Chocolate Cocktail
These were tough to get through. Very rich. Chocolate mousse inside was more like a ganache. The chocolate drink also had a heavy orange flavor. All were good, just too much. Afterwards, they bring out a plate of chocolates and other candies. I was able to eat two jellied candies. We had heard they box up the rest of the chocolates for you. They didn't do it for us (we did not ask).

After settling up we received our menus and a loaf of orange bread. We dove into that 4 days later and it was still the moistest bread ever. Need more of that.
Overall the whole event was about 4 hours long and lots of fun! We went back by cab to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and prepared for our early wake-up call for our flight home.

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