Monday, June 20, 2011

Victoria and Albert's Chef's Table: Course One

There's no better way to ensure you have blog content than by parsing up a ten-course meal into multiple posts.

We were all dressed up and ready to go. We grabbed a cab from Animal Kingdom Lodge to the Grand Floridian. The are very few two-points on property that could be farther from each other. When we entered the GF the swing band was playing. This was the first time I've ever seen them and I thought it was a nice touch. I had worn a jacket with no tie, but my shirt was a bit oversized. We decided I needed a tie and bought one in the men's shop in the hotel.

We arrived right at 5 and were asked to wait a few minutes in the Citricos lounge. After a few minutes we were invited in. We were greeted by the host and had small talk for a few minutes before being led back through the kitchen. 

They showed us to our table which was in a cute area designed to look like a kitchen with spice jars, cook books, pots, etc. There were several articles about the restaurant posted. After a few minutes we were served Tattinger champagne and introduced to Chef Aimee, our host for the evening. She told us a little about the process, asked about preferences and allergies, and told us to have fun - the Chef's Table is designed to be a more informal experience (so my jacket could come off). We said we were willing to try anything but uncooked fish. Once we finished our champagne toast, the meal began!

Our amuse bouche arrived on 2 plates. The long plate contained 3 items and one item on the small plate:

Grilled spot prawn, soft-poached quail egg, crab squash blossum, burrata alla panna with jamon iberico.  This was paired with a nice white wine (add here).  We don't buy white wine usually so it's nice to try some with these dinner pairings.

Everything was very good. I don't like eggs, so the quail egg frightened me. Then Aimee said to cut into it and let it ooze into the bed. Guess what? I still don't like eggs.

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