Thursday, June 23, 2011

Victoria & Albert's Chef's Table: Course Six

There's two more entree items left to go and they just started pouring red wine for the next course.
Veal Sweetbread and shank with Chanterelle Mushroom ragout
Sweetbreads.......We figured this was coming at some point. We've never had sweetbreads before for good reason: you shouldn't be eating THAT! The dish also had gnocchi and shaved white truffles. The verdict: I loved it. The sweetbreads added a bit of fatty texture to the dish. Holly did not enjoy it too much, but I think a lot of it has to do with not enjoying eating a baby animal.

This guy is working on fava beans. Lots of process goes into preparing these as we learned from Chef Aimee.
The waiter asked if we wanted a break. YES! We were escorted out of the kitchen to the main entrance. We had 20 minutes to stretch our legs. We watched the lobby band play some music and then went onto the terrace off the staircase.  We sat out here and enjoyed the view for awhile. The. We made our way in passing "Misnery" - which is our nickname for Misner's Lounge. We consider it the least appealing and impersonal lounge on property. A "miserable" place. We met back up with the hostess and were escorted back for our final entree.

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