Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Victoria & Albert's Chef's Table: Course Four

Time for another crowd-pleaser. Lots going on here. See how nice the photo is? This is when Holly suggested I might have a food setting on the camera. Who knew?

This was Sake-soy marinated gulf shrimp with bok choy and soy beans. We each had two very large shrimp served on a bed of soy beans and mushrooms. The flavors really came together very well in this dish.

The wine pairing for this course was sake. We do not have much experience with sake, and asked, would say it's not our beverage of choice. The sake they served us did nothing to change our opinions. Dry and a little bitter.

They served fresh wasabi with the dish. We don't like wasabi when served with meals. This changed our minds. It didn't burn like it does at the local places. Chef Aimee explained that we typically see concentrated wasabi when out to eat. This however was fresh grated wasabi root (never knew it was a root) that costs around $250/lb.

Earlier in the evening the chef closest to us was making an item in a mold. I asked chef about it and he was making the amuse bouche for the main dining room. It was lobster pane cotta about the size of a sliced golf ball. It was good, but I was happier with our selection.

Yeah more bread. All the bread was made by the head pastry chef at the GF. This slice was an egg brioche with onion butter. Just as nice as the previous piece.

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